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A Reason to Stretch–Day 8

Yoga is something that I have found myself liking more and more. I started taking the classes through IU courses for the district, but have slowly begun taking more through the gym that I am a part of because of how much I love it. I love being able to take a minute to relax, stretch out my body, challenge myself, and reflect on the day that I have had. Yoga gives me a chance to get out of my head and focus on something else other than what has happened that day. Although it is challenging for me because I am not the most flexible person, I have found that the challenge is what keeps me coming back. I want to get better, I want to be more flexible, and I want to continue to move my body to improve my health. 


2 responses to “A Reason to Stretch–Day 8”

  1. What a great reflection on why yoga and what it can do for you. I’ve done it before and, like you, I like the challenge – for me the challenge is calming myself, sitting is not specialty! But, like you reference, it’s good for your health! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Yoga helps and is very relaxing. Good that you are doing what you want to do.


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