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A Reason to Eat–Day 23

My favorite restaurant by far is Sullivan’s Steakhouse in Naperville. I have been going there for every special occasion with my fiancé for about the past 4 years or so, whether birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays. They have some of the best food that I have ever had, especially this appetizer called Cheesesteak Eggrolls. By far, THE BEST. Today they are having a “spring party” to celebrate the start of spring and are having appetizers and drinks available in the bar area. I love that I signed up for their email list because we get to go to fun events or happy hours like this and enjoy some good food. Although a little bit on the pricier side in the main dining room area, the bar menu has some affordable options that are still AMAZING! I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone that asked for a nicer place to eat in the area!


2 responses to “A Reason to Eat–Day 23”

  1. Jenna, I love to eat too! Your link made me click on your post today. I like going to happy hour specials too. Same food for better prices! Did you take that beautiful photo?


  2. Ooh I’ve always wanted to go to Sullivan’s but I have never gotten the chance. I will definitely try all your recommendations.


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