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A Reason to Feel Joy–Day 22

The one thing that can brighten my day no matter what is my nephews. Although they live far away, I still get to Facetime them many times a week and visit occasionally. Their mom (my sister-in-law) is my best friend and I talk to her 24/7, whether texting or talking on the phone. Being so close with my sister-in-law has been so special because it made me even closer with my brother (her husband). I did not know my sister-in-law before she started dating my brother, but I could not imagine my life without her now! She went to the same college as me but was a year older. We hung out a lot when her and my brother were just dating, and even more now that they are married. I miss being able to see her and my nephews in person, but they will be here soon enough for the wedding! I cannot wait to see my little nephews walk down the aisle on my wedding day!


3 responses to “A Reason to Feel Joy–Day 22”

  1. My nephews (and niece) are my favorite people too!


  2. Yay for FaceTime and how awesome is technology these days?!


  3. So sweet!! I’m glad you’re so close with your SIL! I’m sure your nephews will be so adorable at the wedding.


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