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A Reason to Pack–Day 21

I have a love hate relationship with packing. I love the excitement of packing for a trip and planning outfits to wear while I am there. I love getting ready and being organized with all the things. On the other hand, I hate the stress of wondering if I am missing something or if I brought too much. One packing hack that I have is trying on the outfit that I am packing before I pack it to make sure that I like it and have all that I need to wear it (shoes, earrings, etc.). That way, I know that I like the way the outfit looks before going on the trip and I am not stuck wearing something that thought I would like but actually don’t. My biggest downfall when packing is that I always want to bring way more shoes than I actually need. I tend to overpack and bring too much of everything that I do not even touch when it is in the bag. For this upcoming trip, we have limited space so that will force me to really think about what I need to bring vs. extra things that are unnecessary.


2 responses to “A Reason to Pack–Day 21”

  1. I am the exact same way when it comes to planning and packing. I love getting new outfits and organizing everything but I always end up checking and then checking 2 or 3 more times that I have the necessary items.


  2. I am such an over packer. My husband has a goal to go everyone with just a small duffel bag! I can barely go overnight with just that.


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