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A Reason to Think–Day 20

Something that I enjoy doing every morning when I wake up is the Wordle. It is a habit that I started a long time ago and something that gets my brain moving in the morning. It is a source of frustration at times, but still a lot of fun (even when I don’t get the word). I have a few friends that do it with me, and some family that have a group chat to see how many guesses it took everyone each morning. Today I got it in 4! Not my best, but definitely not my worst. I am not the most excited person to wake up and get moving in the morning, so starting my day with this little puzzle gets my brain working before I have to get up and start working for the day.

4 responses to “A Reason to Think–Day 20”

  1. Do I need to do this? I have yet to do a Wordle.


    1. Yes! You should definitely try it out!


  2. I too do wordle every single morning when I wake up. Most days I am empowered by my technique and prowess; but, every once in a while I can’t get it …..and then I don’t feel so good about myself…It is a great way to get going on the right foot, unless your right brain fails you!


  3. Love the Wordle it’s so fun! I never thought about how it gets the brain moving is a great idea!


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