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A Reason to Count Down–Day 19

I am big into countdowns when there is something exciting coming up. Whether it is a trip, a big event, the end of the school year, etc., I love having a countdown of how many days are left before it happens. I have a countdown for my wedding (83 days), a countdown of how many school days are left until the end of the year, and a countdown of how many days until spring break. 5 more school days until spring break officially begins and I cannot wait! I do love my students and seeing their smiling faces every day, but the energy it takes to teach 5 year olds 5 days a week sometimes NEEDS a week off haha. I am going on a trip with friends for spring break and this is the first friend trip I have been on in a while! Usually I travel with my family or to visit my family. I am excited to be able to explore somewhere new and take some time to hang out with friends!


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