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A Reason to Gather–Day 17

Today is the first time in a while that all of my fiance’s cousins and I will get together for a “cousin’s night”. They used to do them all the time pre-COVID, but then it slowly fizzled out. They have not been to our place and we have lived there for about 2 years, so everyone is travelling to us for the night! I love that I get along with his cousins so well because I am really close with my own cousins, so it is nice to have even more connections! They welcomed me into their family from the first time that I went to a family party and I feel like I could reach out to any one of them if I needed something. I am excited to be able to start “cousins nights” again and do some fun activities that get us all together! 


One response to “A Reason to Gather–Day 17”

  1. This is precious! I grew up extremely close to four of my cousins, but we’re all now spread out in different cities and even states. It would be so fun to plan a trip together or something. Thanks for the inspo 😜 have so much fun with your cousins!!!


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