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A Reason to Dress Up–Day 16

Today I am taking my second round of engagement photos. We took some before in the warmer months and have the opportunity to take some more now in the winter/spring. It is so much fun to be able to get nice photos taken of us (especially because my fiancé is not big into photos when I ask). This is a new photographer, that actually might be doing our wedding, so I am eager to see what the photos look like! Growing up, my mom used to take HUNDREDS of photos of myself and my siblings and I love being able to look back at them. I think about how I will be able to look back on these photos in 50 years and remember these days when our marriage was just beginning. 


One response to “A Reason to Dress Up–Day 16”

  1. Awww I love the excitement in the second shots! And how this may be the photographer for your wedding which is very exciting to bond with them now. My husband and I are coming on our second anniversary of being married in October (crazy!) but I still remember the fun and happiness brought with our engagement photos!


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