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A Reason to Be Thankful–Day 15

I truly do not know how I would survive without my friends from work. Not only the ones in my building, but also ones in various other schools in the district. I have made some of my best friends since working in this district and it has only been 2 years! So much so that a bunch are invited to my upcoming wedding this summer. I am so grateful for the friends I have made in just the two short years I have been here that help support me in the good times and the not so great. My favorite part of the day is being able to debrief with people that truly understand what is going on in my work life (and even personal).


2 responses to “A Reason to Be Thankful–Day 15”

  1. Having those people in the workplace are so helpful, especially on the tough days. It can be hard to talk about it with family and friends who are not teachers so it’s nice to have those teacher friends to vent to.


  2. So thankful to have met you❤️ maybe one day we will teach under the same roof again


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