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A Reason to Get Outside–Day 14

This morning it was cold. I am so tired of the cold, snow, and wet weather. I am hoping that we are finally over the snow and now we just have rain and warmer weather to look forward to. Although it’s cold, the sun is shining and it looks like a beautiful day outside. The brisk air feels refreshing (at least for a minute or two) and it gives me hope that nicer weather is around the corner! I am so excited for the beautiful warm days that we can stay outside for a little extra recess, take our learning outside, and just enjoy the outdoors. I love being able to camp in the warmer weather so that is another thing I am looking forward to in the Spring (although it usually snows and rains EVERY time I go). Praying for sunshine and warmth sometime soon!


One response to “A Reason to Get Outside–Day 14”

  1. Yes, I’m ready for warm!


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