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A Reason to Rush–Day 13

Today I was late. Usually at 7:50am I am in my classroom getting ready to welcome students in a couple minutes. I have my stuff ready for the day, I have chatted with a few colleagues, and I have had time to settle into my day. This morning, I WOKE UP at 7:50am. Shot out of bed. Ran to get ready and take my dog out and rush to work. My phone updated last night and turned off every one of the 10 alarms that I set between 6-7am. (I know, I set WAY too many alarms). But, I set so many alarms for this reason. If I sleep through one, at least I have another one 10 minutes later. I hate being late and being rushed, so I always plan ahead to give myself plenty of time. A start to the morning like this is ROUGH for me, but I got to see 17 smiling faces when I got to school. My kiddos were so concerned about where I had been, why I was not there to greet them when they got there, and if I had been on a vacation without them! That made the start of the day a little better mentally!


One response to “A Reason to Rush–Day 13”

  1. My day has been completely thrown off with the time change! Hope that your day was still great even with a little late start.


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