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A Reason to Sleep–Day 11

Man, I am tired. I remember the days in college where we would go out at 11PM and not get home until 2-3AM. That is something that is just NOT possible for me anymore. I am definitely starting to feel older (even though I am only 26 haha) and most nights I am in bed by 9:30PM. Although tired, I did have a lot of fun with friends last night and it was nice to get out and do something different. Today I am going to be going to the dying of the river in Chicago, which is something I have never been to before! I have lived in the suburbs my whole life, but never took the trek downtown and into the crowd to see it before. Hoping for nice(ish) weather and not too much traffic when I make the drive back home!

2 responses to “A Reason to Sleep–Day 11”

  1. Hope you had so much fun!


  2. Sounds like a good time! I have never gone to see that before either! ☘️


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