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A Reason to Celebrate–Day 7

My sister in law finished her Masters! We started this journey together, but she had two babies along the way so it took her a little bit longer to finish. I am so excited for her and excited that she is going to be working in a school just like me. She is going to be am ABA therapist and working with students who have special needs. This is something that she has been wanting for so long and so I am proud of her to finish it while having 2 kids under the age of 2 at home! So today, I celebrate her big accomplishment!


4 responses to “A Reason to Celebrate–Day 7”

  1. I admire your SNL’s determination and will power because I could not manage that!


  2. That is a cause for celebration! Your generous spirit shines through as well.


  3. That’s a huge accomplishment! Congrats to her 🙂


  4. That is definitely a reason to celebrate! Congratulations to you and your sister!


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