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A Reason to Move–Day 4

Getting up for a 7am cycle workout class was HARD to say the least with the weather that we have outside. BUT… it is important to move my body, get my day started right and get my workout down early. Waiting and waiting and waiting to go is when I have found myself thinking of an excuse not to go move my body. I love being able to go for a walk outside when the weather is nice, but when it is a day like today, an indoor workout is a MUST. Tomorrow is the first time taking a Pilates class… so that should be interesting to say the least. Report back soon!


3 responses to “A Reason to Move–Day 4”

  1. You are an inspiration! So proud of you! Way to stay on the grind!


  2. Oh I envy your ability to work out in the morning! I can’t seem to do anything other than yoga first thing in the morning. Good luck with your pilates class!


  3. Good luck with pilates! I have taken one pilates class in my life, and I spent the majority of it laughing at the image of myself in the mirrors as I attempted to do what the instructor was doing. It was a great workout, though-I was sore the next day!


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